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A digital assistant for improving the consultation

Do you want to have the complete medical history prepared before seeing the patient?

Doctor and patient

How it works


The patient fills out a dynamic questionnaire prior to the appointment


The answers are transformed into a structured medical history report for the health care provider


 Assessment decision support in the consultation


Everything converts into a complete and quality assured documentation

Why Gynforma?

Gynforma is developed by experienced gynaecologist based on the concrete needs in a busy practice. 

It streamlines and ensures a high quality on every patient meeting,  making sure every medical history is complete and well prepared before the consultation. 

Patients are also prepared and more content after the consultation

"It's really useful that the patient gets help preparing for the gyn visit. Gynforma ensures that all relevant information is provided, so that I can spend time on what really matters: helping the patient."

Yngvild Skåtun Hannestad, Gynecologist, PhD


WOMEN's health for real

Gynforma includes all aspects of gynecological health, including birth control, sexual problems, heavy and painful periods, irregular periods, preparing for pregnancy, infertility, menopause, vaginal problems, urinary incontinence and itching.

We've digitalized gynecology, and we want to make it available for all health personell, so that we can improve women's health around the world.

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Who can use Gynforma?

Every clinician dealing with women's health can use Gynforma but it is especially useful for:


Youth and contraception clinics

Do you want to have the complete medical history prepared before seeing the patient?

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